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Plastic Surgery With Magazines by Metra Bruno and Laurence Jeanson

Plastic Surgery With Magazines by Metra Bruno and Laurence Jeanson - This photo to me is trying to show how plastic surgery and the obsession with looking younger has effected the way we see each other, this image to me is more of an editorial image.

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Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Sketchbooks are a place to gather, research, investigate and explore ideas. Inspired by John Coplans, the sketchbook page above contains a series of beautiful photographs investigating human skin, texture and form. These include different viewpoints, exploration of shadows and lighting conditions. If you are worrying that your sketchbook is not stunning or exciting enough, remember that it is the quality of your work that matters. Seek first to make quality art.

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Mosaic Photo self portraiture. Taking photos of your face at different angles, different closeness and then collating them in different places and repeating.

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Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians / Símbolos secretos dos Rosa-Cruz (Antiga e Mística Ordem Rosa-Cruz - AMORC)

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An excellent, varied and exciting sketchbook page observing in lots of materials and from lots of different angles. Beautifully presented.

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You think what you say doesn't matter? Bullying is real. #LGBT #Transgender #Bullying

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Kate Atkin, drawing. I love the contoured look, which gives it more scale and adds a third dimension to it.

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