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Jar in the Form of a Female Statuette Northern Iran, circa 1350-800 B.C. Sculpture Red burnished ware Height: 8 in. (25.7 cm); Width: 4 in. (13.7 cm) Gift of Nasli M. Heeramaneck (M.76.174.181) Art of the Ancient Near East

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| Cleveland Museum of Art Fibula in the Form of a Recumbent Stag, c. 400 Northeastern Europe, 5th century bronze with glass inlay,

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A Scythian (Tagar Culture II) Bronze Applique in the Form of a Coiled Animal by Ancient Art, via Flickr

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Purse or bag, canvaswork embroidery 1600-1625 Origin: England W: 4"; L: 3 5/8" Silk, silver metallic threads, linen ground, wood tassel forms Acc. No. 1956-554

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Male Diviner's Figure Date: 19th–mid-20th century Geography: Côte d'Ivoire, central Côte d'Ivoire Culture: Baule peoples Medium: Wood, pigme...

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Pendant in the form of a mandolin, Germany, c . 1600, gold, enamel and precious stones; h 8.5 cm × w 4.6 cm. BK-17057. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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Egypt - New Kingdom or Late Period (Dynasties XVIII to XX, 1650-1085 BCE, Dynasties XXI to XXX, 1085-332 BCE) - Pendant in the form of a lotus. Hard stones and gold. (Contemporary gold setting.) H 4.3 W 4.2 cm

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