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Corrie ten Boom: The Ultimate Forgiveness Story

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I know I need my god in my life, mostly more than I'm willing to ask for but when time comes I hope he can forgive all the times I didn't ask for him..


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And I should have never just got my heart tore to pieces over someone I loved and to take care of a baby thats not mine because i cared and loved her!


The Church of Agios Dionysios in #Zakynthos is an impressive one indeed. Agios Dionysios is known as the Saint of Forgiveness, story has it that he forgave the man who killed his brother. Discover more online. #passionforgreece

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Man Forgives Father For Injecting Him With HIV As Baby

Man Forgives Father For Injecting Him With HIV As Baby, This is be of those forgiveness stories that makes you gasp, but what an amazing testimony of God's power of forgiveness and how God has been glorified in what this man has done with his life--when he had so much he could have been bitter about in his short years.


When I see Tanya again... I need to remeber that God does this for me every time. I can do it for my own sister at least once, yeah?