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One would have to be "Good Enough" to forgive. Since you think I'm not good enough, then you won't mind if I don't forgive you. That would be a strong holding brick in my wall!

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True Facts!

I have learned these past 2 years of my life that yes it is hard to move on. But the Lord has showed me how, and he has gave me some special people in my life to move on with.


This is so TRUE! Some people think that forgiveness includes keeping them in your life. Sometimes forgiveness means forgiving and moving on so you can be happy!

No matter what your beliefs are, don't ever look down or judge someone else's, how you chose to live your life doesn't make you superior to another person. Always aim to see the best in every person and every scenario you face in life. Sure, time and time again you will be let down, but don't let that change your views and outlook on life. Continue putting that positive energy out there to attract the same back. You will never be able to move on with your own life if you don't forgive…

Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith.