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Living with foreign accent syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome,Hot Topic

Foreign accent syndrome 'being reported more often'

*Thinks I have something like this* I can't sit in a room with someone from another country without speakingin almost their exact accent

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Mother goes to bed with Stafford accent and wakes up sounding POLISH

Kath Lockett is another one of the people I know that has Foreign Accent Syndrome. She lives in the UK yet her accent is Polish. #language #neuroscience #rare #brain #speech #accent #biography

Since I have Foreign Accent Syndrome I decided to have fun with my accent. I was born in America, but I have a British/Australian accent. I told some people I was from Japan and their faces were priceless!

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Canadian mum fell off a horse and woke up with a Scottish accent

Foreign accent syndrome: Canadian Sharon Campbell-Rayment speaks with Scottish accent after horse riding accident

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Texas mom wakes up speaking with a British accent

"Foreign accent syndrome"