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Sonia Rentsch’s Still Life Art

I like this image due to the colour co-ordination between the background and the foreground of the image, helping to create a quirky feel. I also like this image due to it's obvious meaning and how it makes us think about how everybody has a heart yet it's sometimes hidden underneath by people. The placement of the strawberry within the apple's core helps to create a lovely, affective image.

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Source : Photographer : Henri Cartier Bresson

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Churchill statue with Big Ben Info on Sightseeing in #london here #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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Love the White on White - A Life Honeyblossom by Susie B - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers

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#TBT From his 2015 solo exhibition at CB1 Gallery Craig Taylor "Figment of the Things" 2014 oil on canvas 72" x 54". . In a review of the show in ArtPulse Magazine Megan Abrahams wrote "Derivative of portraits or sculptural busts Craig Taylors recent complex abstract paintings achieve striking visual tension through the contrast of scraped-out layered backgrounds and the built-up application of paint on the dominant shapeor subjectconfigured in the foreground. . The theme of the exhibit is a…

Paradise on your doorstep: No crime, no traffic, good schools and a GP’s always on call. Such a place exists... in Britain!

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... pinhole portrait #.winterwald. - I love how the focus is on the hands, everything else is faded.

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5 of the Best Carpet Plants for Freshwater Custom Aquariums

Yesterday I tackled the intricacies of plant selection. I realize that differentiating between plant species can be a little bit daunting. I mean, for the most part they're all just green and leafy...

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Fused Glass Heart Sun catcher #SC-H Seasons Aspen Birch Trees Gift Wedding Favor Home Decor

These gallery quality heart sun catchers are very popular in northern Arizona, probably because of our beautiful aspen trees. And they look good in sunlight (first photo), laying on a table (2nd photo) which means it will look just as good at night! DIMENSIONS: 4-½ x 4. Each piece is made by cutting the heart and tree bases from clear fusible glass, then adding powdered, ground, sifted and mixed glass frit to add the tree leaves colors, background and foreground. The last photo shows the…

Aaron M Photo posted a photo: When Willie and I flew into Calgary and drove to Banff we had high hopes for its season of "Ice and Fire". November has earned this reputation based on the beautiful pink and red sunsets that are more common during this month, while at the same time, Banffs lakes and rivers begin to freeze. On our first night in Banff we drove straight to Castle Mountain. Most of the riverbed was still flowing normally but we found a few patches where the shallow water was…

“Lucid Dreams" Yosemite feels like something out of a dream, it is hard to put into words just how amazing the place is. I have been to some pretty cool places. Yosemite has a magical essence that is beyond anything I have seen or felt before. Washburn Point is similar to Glacier Point and is one of my favorite spots around the park, really exemplifying the true meaning of "Epic View." In the image, you can see part of Half Dome on the far left of the photograph. You can also see Nevada and…

LostInStripes - Another image of Gerhard Richter's Strip work, was certainly very eye catching. This time with a crop only on the art work, and a woman in the foreground (a different woman than in the one I posted last week). Wanted to post one with the closer crop because I think it lets you see the beauty and color of the art work itself more vividly...And I do mean vivid. :-) Again putting this in a proper category was difficult, chose this because the work of art in the image is…