Women at forced labor in Plaszow. Jewish women at forced labor pulling hopper cars of quarried stones along "Industry Street" in the Plaszow concentration camp, 1944

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The Nazis subjected millions of people (both Jews and other victim groups) to forced labor under brutal conditions.

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French civilians at the Quai d ‘Orsay in German-occupied Paris walk past the sign for a recruitment office for job placement in Germany. Some of the civilians stand in a queue for prospective work. Most French workers in Germany were forced laborers...

Ternopil (Tarnopol), Ukraine. Forced labor, a Jewish work battalion.

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Poland Forced Labor

Mielec, Poland, Jewish forced labor.

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Kovno, Lithuania, Women returning from forced labor. The women are standing in a line and waiting to be inspected by the Lithuanian and German guards.

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