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This F-22 is pulling so many G-forces that the wave of low pressure behind it causes water to condense

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What would YOU look like with Angelina Jolie's lips? Photographers create startling portraits using real people and celebrity body parts

Photographers Bruno Metra and lawrence Jeanson's project, ID1, juxtaposes normal faces with select features from celebrities and supermodels. Identity: The duo say that the works are intended to show how much people are influenced by the media

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“Pandora’s Galaxy.” - The galaxy, formally known as NGC 4522, is located some 60 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Virgo. - Image Credit: NASA & ESA

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I'm worried because I saw these doughnuts on my feed when I first got on here and immediately, i thought "oh those look like phils doughnuts"

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Pressure from women for their own uniformed service began in August 1914, but it was the end of 1916 before the War Office established the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). In April 1918, the WAAC was renamed Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps. The Women’s Royal Naval Service was formed in November 1917, and the Women’s Royal Air Force was set up on 1 April 1918. In total, over 100,000 women joined Britain’s armed forces during the war.

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Air Pressure Experiment for Kids

Explaining the concept of air pressure to preschoolers can be tricky. It can sometimes be difficult for them to grasp the idea that spaces are filled with air, and that air can have force and move objects. This simple little experiment a great way to offer kids a visual demonstration of these concepts. They can...Read More »

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FUN Science Idea~ To help young physicists understand that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction you'll need these items: flexible straw, ruler, straight pin, marker, round balloon, masking tape, and pencil with eraser. Great way to teach air pressure and thrust!

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