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Hugging Someone Taller Than You -

Hugging Someone Taller Than You

perseverance is

Perseverance is placing one foot in front of another, even if it drags. LaBerge Tagged with: Inspirational , Life , Truth

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37 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

37 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

If only people believed in action more than just speech

I aspire to attract someone who makes me BETTER through their presence and is thrilled to spend a LIFETIME showing me how deeply they ❤️ me through actively showing me every single day.

people who walk slow in front of me make me CRAZY - unless they are doing it on purpose cause they are aware I check out their rear view - makes me another kind of crazy.

Idk how do they Walk that slow. but when they should actually walk slow, they walk fast

Those who judge will never understand. Look out for the understanding people and hang out with them,

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