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This New Fast Food Packaging System Makes Eating Junk Easier--But Also Less Wasteful

This is incredible! What an awesome use of packaging. This inspires me to place a high emphasis on functionality rather than just on aesthetics. Who says you can't have both?

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Minimalist Food Packaging by BVD

really-shit: “ Reitan is a minimalist packaging by swedish design firm BVD. Based around simplicity, the design promotes healthy thinking with an ingredient list and simplified nutritional information...

WikiCell - Edible Food Packaging, is a food-packaging concept that bio- mimics natures way of protecting a system by a thin membrane ( which acts as natural barrier). This membranes protects the food contents inside the membrane, and can be eaten like a whole fruit since the membrane itself is edible #Biomimcry #food #ecofriendly #BestInnovation


Dr. Henry Chin, PhD, an independent expert in food safety and food chemistry, demystifies it: “Since BPA doesn’t pose a risk, there is no scientifically valid reason for families to avoid BPA. All food packaging materials are safe and some food products are available in alternative packaging. There are no packaging materials that are ‘safer’ than BPA.”

from Rodale's Organic Life

Food Packaging Materials Expose You to 4,000+ Chemicals

Food Packaging Materials Expose You to 4,000 Chemicals

Dutch food manufacturer Conveni is testing the microwave-shielding material that is applied as an in-mold label in the left compartment of this injection-molded PP container.