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Printable Daily Food Log is a great way to keep track of your meals and daily nutritional intake. You can even track your water and vitamin intake.

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Free food journal.. LOVE! Want to try the idea of food journal to see if it really works but I love how it has a section to keep track of workout days!

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Happy Labor Day to everyone living in the North America. Here's my weekends page as usual with a list of tasks, food logs and weekly reviews.

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Printable charts and logs to help you keep track of chores and more: Food log

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昨日的流程筆記。Dailies and my chubby hand. Left page is yesterday daily log and right page is for today, a comparison between end of the day and the beginning of a day. I filled up my time ladder with actual activities I did and color code that type of the activity. Under the task list are my food log and workout log. Since yesterday was my rest day, I have extra space for a pie chart of nutrition macro and short review. I have been monitoring my food intake with fitness pal but I like to keep a…

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