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Allergen Labelling December 2014

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Quick Guide To Food Allergies and Intolerances

"I like it when people take food allergies seriously! Only someone selfish or cowardly would believe that allergies are "all in your mind". Fact is that people can die from allergic reactions". artfromperry

Does your child have severe allergies? Learn 17 effects of anaphylaxis on the body: #allergymom #allergies #anaphylaxis
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The Effects of Anaphylaxis on the Body

Does your child have severe allergies? Learn 17 effects of anaphylaxis on the body: #allergymom #allergies #anaphylaxis


Figs are useful in various respiratory disorders including whooping cough & asthma. For maximum benefit, soak 3 dried figs in water overnight in a covered glass container. The figs will soften & break down. In the morning, drink the water & eat the soaked figs on an empty stomach. The nutrients will quickly enter the bloodstream to help support the respiratory system, increase immunity & prevent asthma attacks.

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10 Signs Your Child Has a Food Sensitivity and What to Do About It

If your child has a food allergy, you are probably already aware of it. Harder to pinpoint however are food sensitivities, which are IgG or delayed immune reactions.  These IgG reactions can be very difficult to recognize because of the vague and often wide range of symptoms that may take up to 72 hours to display themselves.


some of the many possible pollen-food allergy cross reaction patterns, according to a posting on the UCLA Health System website

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Blogger & Suja Co-Founder Annie Lawless on Candida

Candida .... Foods to avoid and foods to eat. This is a good general list, but many of the lists differ in some of the approved and avoid foods.