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FT Dinner with Ferran Adria - golden cherries - made by the chef behind elBulli, consistently voted best restaurant in the world before its closure in 2011...x

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Baked Brie with Maple Syrup and Thyme

Baked Brie with Maple Syrup and Thyme - this is how to turn a good value brie into a spectacular brie / fondue / cheese dip. Great appetizer / starter idea, works with camembert too!


Le Bab, Soho

Very little gives more pleasure than finding a new restaurant that I just can’t wait to tell everyone about. Firstly: I get to eat something delicious. Something that has me reaching for a second mouthful before I finish my first, while simultaneously mumbling “oh my god!” Secondly: A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. So... Read more


St Moritz, Soho, London. Who can resist a bit of fondue when the temperature drops. Can recommend the house red, don't forget to ring one of the bells before you leave!