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How to Host a Fondue Party

Camille Styles creates a modern take on a retro fondue party. 

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How to host the ultimate fondue dinner party

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how to throw a fondue party (like they used to!)

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Melting Pot Cheddar Cheese Fondue

You can try the Melting Pot Cheddar Cheese Fondue, it's super easy to make, and the perfect recipe for a special meal or party.

10 Best Cheese Fondue Dippers That Every Fondue Party Needs

These 10 fondue dippers are the best thing to dip in cheese fondue. They should be at every fondue party!

10 Ideas and Tips for an Old School Fondue Party -

Organizing A Fondue Party

Thinking of planning a fondue party? It's a fun way to get everyone involved.

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Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas

Fondue Dipper Ideas - other ideas Graham crackers, Brownie bites, Oreos, peaches, grapes, pound cake, donut holes, almonds, nilla wafers

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TOP 10 Best Recipes For Fondue Party

Fondue might be your best for a holiday party or get-together. It will add a retro appeal to the celebration and it is quick and easy to prepare. If you ha

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