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How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden (Gardening world)

Ultimate curly hair. I know it looks like one of those pinterest tutorials that never actually works but honestly this does. Curliness depends on how much hair you put in the tin foil. Remember: you're just heating it, NOT BURNING IT


50 Bold Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre


12 Easy And Cheap Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Heat

Braid damp hair with twisted pieces of foil to get pretty curls.


•Tin Foil Curls• No curling iron needed. As thick or thin as you plz. Use heat protection as you would with any hot tool. Make a few rods to interchange so they can cool. Get creative with a variety of sizes and have fun! Less heat needed. #hair #tinfoilcurls


Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Tutorial

Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Tutorial. Not sure if I will ever have enough patience to try this, but it looks cool.