draw a design with glue, put foil over the top and wipe with shoe polish -- lots of possibilities!

Tin foil art ~ Looks like fancy metal work. Get some cardboard, tacky glue, aluminium foil and black shoe polish. Create a design with glue, adhere the foil, finish off with some black shoe polish!

This was a super fun project my Grades 4- 6 mixed elective class did at the end of this school year. They LOVED this project- some even...

Foil Embossing with and 6 grade. Use cereal box, yarn, aluminum foil, glue, and sharpies

Aluminum Foil Leaf Relief Tutorial. This is an easy activity for kids or adults.

Obviously a fantastic art teacher, Cassie Stephens created this Leaf Relief project for her students. The seniors will love the mix of nature and fine art. Thanks, Cassie!

Add glue on top of drawing and let dry. Use glue stick to glue down foil using a paper towl wrapped around your fingertip to smooth foil. Use a q-tip to get in close to glue line. Use pencil to add line designs and patterns in each space. Cover with a layer of shoe polish (in bottle with sponge applicator), wait a few seconds, then wipe off. Beautiful results!

Add glue on top of drawing and let dry. Use glue stick to glue down foil using a paper towl wrapped around your finger

Amazing Tin Foil Art - FUN for Kids! - and now I need glue gun

Textured Tin Foil Art

This Textured Tin Foil Art was so much fun to create! We were so thrilled with the vibrant colours and interesting textures that this process created!

Press tin foil on cheese grater for texture

“Craft of the Week” Kick-off

Make some fantastic art work by tracing over a coloring book page with glue, covering it with foil and then sponging on and wiping off shoe polish. Very cool!  BTW, be sure to also visit:

Owls, Foil, Glue, and Shoe Polish

3D antiqued foil letter. So classy, you'd never guess it was made with aluminum foil, shoe polish, and Mod Podge. Super simple to do, too. Step-by-step tutorial. \

DIY Wall Letters and Initals Wall Art - Faux Antique Finish Foil Letters - Cool Architectural Letter Projects for Living Room Decor, Bedroom Ideas. Girl or Boy Nursery. Paint, Glitter, String Art, Easy Cardboard and Rustic Wooden Ideas

Draw a design of raised glue, cover it with tin foil, rub with shoe polish & follow this link to see the metal art YOU can create!!!

foil art # cardboard # pencil # Aleen’s Tacky Glue # glue stick # aluminium foil # cotton swab # black shoe polish

Got spare yarn and an old cereal box? Then make some Modern Tin Art! An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

Thema Kunst: Most projects like this use glue to hold the yarn. You have to let the glue dry before you can start coloring. This project starts with notched cardboard, so you can start coloring the foil immediately.