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How to make high drama (non-smokey) rolling fog with any old fog machine...Brilliant and easy! from Thrifty Crafty Girl: 31 Days of Halloween -


Low fog machine .. £70 for about 40 mins continous use .. this image I want to produce is getting costly!


Make a Fog Machine for Your Party for $5

Hosting a Halloween party? You don't have to go to Guitar Center and drop fifty bucks on a fog machine; if you're on a budget, you can cobble together a good-enough fog machine using a large candle, an aluminum pie plate, a soda bottle top, a gallon of distilled water, and a small bottle of glycerin.


This fog chiller could easily be made for under $10, or free if you can find this stuff laying around. The fog machine is a Chauvet Hurricane 700 and the pip...