Nick Turpin

Situation- this picture represents the middle of the film. The picture represents the characters inability to see words, yet the focus of the picture is the person themselves, which is soemthing that the character can focus on and see.

Such a sweet photo. Love the way the entire focus is on the couple and the background is completely blurred.

These Are The 50 Best Engagement Photos Ever

8 Tips on how to purchase your first DSLR camera

8 Tips on How To Purchase Your First DSLR Camera

There are so many digital cameras that it can be confusing trying to figure out what to purchase. Here are some tips to help you decide what the best choice is for you and that you will get the best results with:

Photos d'animaux : des bébés manchots

On craque : 100 bébés animaux trop mignons

Its hard to imagine that some of these cutie-pies can actually be quite dangerous - this grizzly bear cub hitches a ride on mums back.

Hello everybody ! On a tous des tableaux, des photos ou des cadres accrochés tout bêtement au mur sans avoir forcément quoi en faire. Si vous recherchez une bonne idée déco,...

Layout for my gallery wall, I started with a large round clock - perfect! My big clock is staying where it is and want to do a gallery wall around it!

Les images insolites du lundi de pâques (165 photos)

great photo to display at parent event to determine whose shadow is whose? Also could use as inference story starter by Sweetheart Taylor

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

Dizzying collages, with an absolutely dreamy palette, by French artist Jean Faucheur. Um, does anyone know where I can get scissors to cut perfect circles?

id like to take a photo like this.. just need a photographer lol

this is a girl in a hat and she is wearing dramatic lipgloss. I feel they intentionally did that because it gives you a focus while the angle and the hat give your eye something to wonder about.

howne blog déco thème mariage champêtre rustique boho bohème jolie déco de mariage candy bar bar a bonbon déco diy 6

FOCUS: The barrels are something different.forget the candy WHY: They can be mingling areas or bars set ups scattered around the reception/field COST: Barrels are a dime a dozen in the south and that ol' wood?

Rabbithole London est une marque londonienne lancée en 2010 dans le quartier de Camden Town. Silhouettes contemporaines.

Rabbithole London - marque londonienne de streetwear moderne

This picture encapsulates 2 models donning streetwear clothes and this describes my friend as his style of clothing is focusing towards streetwear.

Wind in his mane, focused and Ready To Pounce 2 by Joe VanEpps*


Wind in his mane, focused and Ready To Pounce 2 by Joe VanEpps* In a world with predators why do we not consider as like wind there are unseen forces.

SFR Mail

world eyes - souls Man from Libya. Such a genuine face. This picture shows a man who is in true content. Again, my love for eyes- it pops up and is the focus of the piece. I also love the color and form of the headdress.