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#LooksForLess..inspriation provided by an expensive home decor catalog...looked created with foam board, glue, paint and personal photos.


3 Ingredient DIY Puffy Paint

How to make 3-Ingredient DIY puffy paint for kids. This homemade paint is easy to make recipe with step-by-step instructions, including photos.


NTS: Use craft foam and do the tin foil/write w/glue thingy to wrap label around neck of bottle or mod podge tin foil onto bottle or photo maybe with a foil frame?? Could wrap with wire and glue something pretty onto the wire (an agate or shell?)


Card board crowns I cut out each cardboard piece and hot glued it together, spray painted them and then used hot glue to put on the decorations. For the bottom of the crown, I traced a circle shape so all the crowns would be uniform is size. Then, based on how big your circle is, measure a 1 inch wide strip of cardboard to glue on as the base band. Next, cut six strips of cardboard to the size you desire, for the arched part of the crown. You can use a pencil to bend them until they are…


Ikea stool and white mongolian lamb cushion cover. Remove seat from stool, use it to draw two circles: 1 on wooden board, 1 on thick foam. Cut out circles. Glue foam to board, lay flannel over board/foam & staple to back of board. Remove back Mongolian lamb cushion cover. Lay fur over flannel/foam/board, staple to back of board. Screw new seat to stool legs.


How to Apply Fiberfill to Your Foam - Glue Method - DIY Upholstery