#AutoCAD – Did you forget your FN keys?http://www.atlantic-cad.com/2015/05/12/autocad-did-you-forget-your-fn-keys/

Panasonic Ikey Nema 4x (ip 68) Keyboard, Backlit, 12 Fn Keys, Integrated Touchpad, Black C

The Inhumans #1 (Oct 1975, Marvel) VG/FN KEY! RARE COVER ERROR George Perez art!

THREE SECRET SHORTCUTS FOR DELETING TEXT For PC converts who miss the Forward Delete key: Hold down the FN key and press the Delete key To delete an entire word: Position the cursor at the end of the word, press and hold the Option key while hitting the Delete key To delete an entire line of text: Position the cursor at the end of the line, press and hold the Command while hitting the Delete key

Smart 68 Keyboard Set including dedicated FN key on the front and hot swap switches and LEDs! ~$300

pin 2

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, PS3, More Typing, chatting, and gaming just became easier than ever with this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. This handy accessory is easy to carry around and works with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, and many more devices, allowing for easy and convenient typing! Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Ideal for writing emails, texting, or gaming 49 responsive and comfortable soft buttons Function (FN) key for twice the functionality

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