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Fm Guitar Chord

Cat with Joan Baez~ A lot of people compared my singing voice to hers. I guess I'm kinda "Folksy".... That explains my guitar abilities. I seem to stick to only a few chords to accompany my high voice. Hmm....


Music Theory for Songwriters - Part 3 To use the map, remember two things. First, you may jump anywhere from I. Second, if a chord appears at more than one location, there is an "imaginary tunnel" connecting both places, so you can move freely from one location to the other

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Ukulele Chord Charts

This is a set of ukulele chord posters for use in your classroom. It includes the following chords: A, Am, A7, B, Bm, B7, C, Cm, C7, D, Dm, D7, E, Em, E7, F, Fm, F7, G, Gm, G7, Bb and Eb. It also has a couple of alternate fingerings which are marked with an asterisk.Enjoy! :)