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Borderlands: Bird Watching in Dobrogea, Romania

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Coppersmith Barbet - They are mainly fruit eating but will take sometimes insects, especially winged termites.

The Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill, (Tockus leucomelas.) Is A Hornbill Found in Southern Africa.

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Another fact is that adult dragonflies will devour just about anything they can catch. Dragonflies usually eat mosquitoes, bees, gnats, butterflies, termites, and other bugs. When they are in the nymph stage, they eat small fish, tadpoles, mosquito larvae, worms, and aquatic insects.

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This is a giant termite mound in the grasslands of Brazil. The glowing green lights are actually beetle larvae. When they glow, the flying termites are attracted to them and go in for a closer look. Bam, dinner.

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Nutritional and Therapeutic Benefits of Termite While eating termites, especially flying termites may sound disgusting to you, here are reasons why you should give it a try.

Ladybug I Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Michele Stoehr

Ladybug or Lady bird, found throughout the world - over 5,000 species described, more than 450 native to North America alone.

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