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Pair of wire wrapped ear cuff Flying to the Edge of the World

A pair of ear cuffs made of silverplated copper wire and cristal beads. These ear wraps are worn behing your ear like a Blue Tooth device and

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There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What…

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Like cats and trippy art? There's a good chance you will like this trippy art:

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This looks so cool. My parents went in a hot air balloon ride in South Africa

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Fly first class. There was only one class on Concorde, all first class! ✔️

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Photographer Thomas Shahan takes incredible close up macro pictures from a bugs eye-view

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Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever!

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Another type of doesn't need to be here physically to enjoy it. It takes only a deep relaxation to fly to this place and forget whatever that can be bothering us....

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I hate this! Is there a pattern to the numbers and I just haven't stared at it for long enough? Or is it seriously just random? The site says 'I slowly fade into the dark; the sun is gone, the day; the world is gone.' —Douglas Newton, from “Landscapes of Night and Day” Photography Credit Nom Pourflickr THERE NEEDS TO BE A PATTERN!!

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The cheapest European cities to fly to

Welcome to the Budget Flight Checkers Anonymous Meeting. My name is Milou, and I’m a flight checker addict. The first step to recovery is admitting it, so here we go: I am following about 10 cheap flights websites, get notified of deals on Facebook all the time, and check Skyscanner for cheap flights every day. EVERY. DAY. It’s my hobby. It also means I never pay more than €100 for a flight. Ever.

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Did you know the clearest lake in the WORLD is in New Zealand!! Here's 8 more beautifully hidden spots in New Zealand you need to visit!

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How To Make Rockets Fly

Rockets - 6 simple fun experiments that let even small children explore the forces that launch rockets

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Flying to the Moon! 20 Most Wanted iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus Phone Cases here >

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Morning dew on a spider web. - Macro photography. STEP RIGHT INTO MY LOVING PARLOUR said the spider to the fly, for mine is a magic diamond web, you can never escape me!

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