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23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

This simple explanation of the difference between genderflux and genderfluid: | 23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means


Being human means living in a state of flux. - Linda Samuels -


An international art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Fluxus—whose name was based on the Latin word flux, meaning constant flow or change—brought together artists working in music, poetry, film, theater, and the visual arts. The movement challenged the commodification of art and favored nontraditional modes of expression, such as collective performances, inexpensive publications, and unlimited editions of small objects.


Symbolic Interactionalism - This pin shows how various aspects of social life, for example, Nike Workout Clothing, conveys meaning and impedes communication. This pin relates to Symbolic Interactionalism, because individuals use symbols, such as clothing, to communicate with others by telling them who we are. On the other hand, our identities are always in a flux. Clothing helps us to understand our shifting identities.

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In memory of Lorissa Green: Seeking meaning in the flux

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