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Beth Metzker on

Only funny because that's how I felt last week when the flu took me down hard.

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Things Everyone Goes Through While Sick

Have you ever noticed how illness follows a very predictable pattern? No? Just wait until you scroll through these funny photos of what it’s like to be sick! Because we all understand the inevitable beginning, middle, and thank-God-it's-over stages of sickness, and they go a little something like t...

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Today LOL funny pictures gallery (07:55:52 PM, Friday 01, May 2015 PDT) – 20 pics

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 269

@Jess Liu Frank We must say this on the cruise so we don't sound like a load of rednecks.

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cold or flu - would make a great bulletin board...may have to give this a try this year

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When you haven't worn makeup in a week and you put mascara on and you're like ... move over Beyonce. Mama's back.

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28 Memes Everyone Who Works In An Office Will Understand

Lol! I have a coworker who Lysol's EVERYONE'S desk area when a sickness is going around.

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