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Instead of just relieving symptoms like medications do, immunotherapy causes your body to build protective antibodies much as do tetanus or flu injections. Immunotherapy Eventually your body may produce enough protection to block allergic reactions to the substances that trigger your reactions.

from Mail Online

Single mother-of-three paralysed after getting free flu injection

Kathy Watson-Jones, from Greensborough in northeast Melbourne, contracted the incredibly rare Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which causes the immune system to attack the nervous system.

Flu Injection Leaflet- information on side-effects of a flue shot and the symptoms of flu one might get if they skip the shot

JOHNS HOPKINS SCIENTIST BLASTS CDC FOR PUSHING FLU SHOT. Federal health authorities vastly overstate the benefits of the flu shot and, for most healthy people, vaccination is unnecessary at best and potentially risky at worst, says a Johns Hopkins scientist.