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Best Shrubs that Bloom All Year

With careful planning and design, you could have your shrubs flowering in your garden all year long. These colorful flowering shrubs can be the focal points in your landscape and the foundation plants of your garden bringing all the wonders of nature in just one place.

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Camellia Japonica “Black Lace”. Vigorous shrub with double flower of a deep red. blooms Mar-Apr. hardy to USDA zone 7

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Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia shade tolerant, fragrant blooms, evergreen

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LILAC BUSH: 1) Attracts Butterflies 2) Grows 5 - 15 feet tall 3) Aromatic 4) Comes in 7 colors & blooms in spring/summer

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Bougainvillea Plant Tips & Varieties Bougainvillea is one of Australia’s most vibrant sun loving, drought tolerant vigorous sprawling climbers that grow with neglect mostly blooming throughout spring, summer and autumn. It is a resilient and massively floriferous plant found almost in every part of the world with over 18 species, this flowering bush originates from read more

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How to Prune Forsythia

How to Prune Forsythia | On Sutton Place finally!!! i have one of these growing like crazy

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Bridal Spirea - Love the massive amount of white flowers! {one of my all time favorite shrubs!}

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