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3 see-through glasses while steeping tea could be visually beautiful ----- Flowering Teas: In winter it's nice to watch something bloom! Keep an eye out for Pure Tea, Perth

Each tea bulb is handmade from the finest quality white needle green tea then hand-woven with an exotic flower, giving further health benefits.   Each flowering tea bulb will provide you with a minimum of 1.5L- 5L of tea.

Choi Time thousand year red tea. they have a lovely range of chinese green tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum tea and damask rose tea

Herbal flower teas : chrysanthemum  jasmine, rose, lavender, roselle, apple flower, osmanthus and honeysuckle

Guide to herbal flowers and the sweetest, tragic chinese legend to go along with it. Guide to herbal flower teas like chrysanthemum and jasmine, by Season with Spice

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earthen-magics: “Make your own Herbal Medicine Chest for Anxiety Daily Strengthener and Stress Buster: In one quart of hot water, add = 2 tablespoons Oatstraw = 1 tablespoon Scullcap = 1 tablespoon Holy Basil = 2 teaspoons Rose Petal Let steep for.

Cleanse  nourish your body from the inside out with an all natural teatox [detox with tea] from www.skinnymetea.com.au #SkinnyMeTea

theiainteriordesign: Fill the teabags with your favorite mixture of loose teas & herbs

Primula Tea: Blooming Teas, Flowering Teas, Artisan Teas #tea #yummy

Primula Tea: Blooming Teas, Flowering Teas, Artisan Teas ~ Because what's a tea party without TEA?