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Global Flow Cytometry Instrumentation Sales Market Report 2017

Understanding Leukemia anatomy poster

Understanding Leukemia anatomy poster defines four types of acute and chronic leukemia while detailing treatment options.


#MedicalVocabulary #VisualVocabulary Lymph node location and names for medical knowledge and interpreting in medical settings


Does removal of secondary metabolites improve Zingiberaceous nuclei quality

The family Zingiberaceae is well known for its range of secondary constituents and bioactive metabolites such as flavonoids phenolic acids and essential oils known to increase nuclei stickiness in cell free lysate. Photomicrographs obtained from bio-SEM analyses of A. zerumbet shoot nuclear suspensions using different isolation buffers. (A) Arumuganathan and Earle buffer (B) Galbraiths buffer (C) General purpose buffer (D) LB01 buffer (E) Maries nuclear isolation buffer (F) MB01 buffer (G)…

Drinking water unexpectedly rich in microbial life when investigated with flow cytometry

Drinking water unexpectedly rich in microbial life when investigated with flow cytometry | Amazing Science


Using a live/dead to remove dead cells can improve your staining. (a). Use of forward and side scatter gating (red rectangle) may not remove all dead cells and some non-specific binding may still be present. (b). Exclusion of dead cells using propidium iodide staining (red rectangle) means less non-specific binding and easier identification of positively stained populations. Images shown here are human peripheral blood stained with CD14 (MCA1568) and CD3 (MCA463).


Build better flow cytometry and microscopy experiments fast using FluoroFinder #flowcytometry #FACS #fluorescent #microscopy


ASCP Lab Week 2015 Sonora Quest Flow Cytometry Department cell cupcake decorating contest. Can you identify the cells? Which is your favorite?


Webinar: Optimize your Flow Cytometry Best practice for sample preparation, staining and analysis


Flow cytometry uses fluorescent labelling to investigate characteristics of cells like cancer cells, and can look at thousands of cells at a time.


Green fluorescent protein (GFP)-expressing and red fluorescent protein (RFP)-expressing Sinorhizobium meliloti attached to root hairs of transgenic Medicago truncatula expressing GFP::talin, which marks the actin cytoskeleton.


Lymph Node Fine-needle Cytology and Flow Cytometry in Clinical Practice: An Update. Special Topic Issue: Acta Cytologica 2016 No. 4 Paperback ? Import 21 Oct 2016

Flow cytometry data can be visualized in a dot plot, where each dot represents a cell and the fluorescent signal tells us if the cell has that particular marker or not.

The BCI has a dedicated Core Facility for Flow Cytometry, run by experienced staff who train users, help scientists with their experiments and troubleshoot when things go wrong.