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Flow cytometry for five bucks and a cell phone

Aydogan Ozcan and his team at UCLA Engineering have developed a cell phone-based optofluidic platform to analyze blood and other body-fluid samples in the ...


#MedicalVocabulary #VisualVocabulary Lymph node location and names for medical knowledge and interpreting in medical settings


Flow cytometry uses fluorescent labelling to investigate characteristics of cells like cancer cells, and can look at thousands of cells at a time.

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Using a live/dead to remove dead cells can improve your staining. (a). Use of forward and side scatter gating (red rectangle) may not remove all dead cells and some non-specific binding may still be present. (b). Exclusion of dead cells using propidium iodide staining (red rectangle) means less non-specific binding and easier identification of positively stained populations. Images shown here are human peripheral blood stained with CD14 (MCA1568) and CD3 (MCA463).