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Florida Orange Wedding by Ashton Events and Sunglow Photography

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It is important to have a secret, a premonition of things unknown. It fills life with a numinosum.a sense that things can happen which remain inexplicable. The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole.

#Florida's state flower is the Orange Blossom. Have you ever smelled anything so heavenly??

organic Neroli Essential Oil is an uplifting, hypnotic floral steam-distilled from the blossoms of the Tunisian orange tree

There's no need to buy expensive candles when you can simply make your own with real slices of Florida Oranges! Follow these easy steps and you'll soon have a citronella candle for your home that's even fresher than a store-bought one, for almost zero cost!

How to Make Natural Citronella Candle - easy tutorial shows how to make your own non-toxic candles with real orange wedges and essential oils. These are inexpensive to make and they'd be perfect for a summer party or wedding - Florida Citrus

Orange Print Loose Green Sweatshirt

Why it's so cute !I just can't wait to dress this oange print sweatshirt ,then i will walk my puppys every dusk.

Florida orange pickers in a grove, 1910

This Is What Florida Looked Like 100 Years Ago... It May Surprise You

Old Florida Orange Juice Stand near Mt. Dora

Found this wonderful old orange juice stand, long closed, on Hwy 441 just about a block and a half north of the intersection with Hwy 46 on the right. My husband tells me they used to sell all the OJ.

Button Art Orange Fruit Buttons and Swarovski by BellePapiers

Orange Fruit Kitchen Decoration Botanical Kitchen Art Orange Fruit Button Art and Swarovski Rhinestones florida Orange Tree Orange Juice Art

Vintage Florida oranges souvenir salt and pepper shakers 1940s or 1950s chalkware

Vintage Florida salt and pepper shakers oranges chalkware souvenir Floridiana kitsch

Florida Memory - Florida orange groves  I miss the smell of orange blossoms.  When the entire county is alive with their fragrance.

This vintage linen postcard, circa depicts blooming orange trees also bearing fruit. Its a great decorative item to add to tropical or beach