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(Open RP. I'm the girl) "About Australia" he says with that face. "Great" I say sarcastically. "Hey, at least if we die from this we will know it was hilarious" he says


Quelques photos en vrac

Art League Houston Vortex House - I'll never forget this first time I saw this driving through town during one of my book hunts, all these years later it always seems to pop up in the oddest place - City proud!


How to Fix Drainage Problems in Your Yard

Neighbor’s yard flooding your lawn? Muddy, Standing water on side of house? Drainage problems between houses? If you live in a residential planned community in the greater Houston area, you are more than likely aware of the close proximity between you and

Hand-drawn maps: readers' favourites – in pictures

Hand-drawn maps: readers' favourites – in pictures Susan Hunt Yule's Nolita neighbourhood, NYC


Texas flash floods cause death and destruction - in pictures

Flooding in Houston / May 2015


Five dead in Houston's historic floods

At least five people have died in flooding in Houston, Texas, (pictured on Monday) where a month's worth of rain fell in just one hour

Five dead in Houston's historic floods

Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in nine counties after the floods, and a flash flood watch for Houston will remain in effect until Wednesday morning

Houston flooding sees five dead after a month of rain fell in one HOUR | Daily Mail Online

Houston floods: Disaster zone declared after 'historic' rainfall

A state of emergency is declared in Houston, the fourth-largest city in the US, after record rainfall claimed five lives.