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My Night With a Flash Flood in Houston

Mimi Swartz - My Night With a Flash Flood in Houston | My husband and I went out grocery shopping. Big mistake.

Cars Battle High Waters After Flash Floods in Houston

Judge: FBI's Ruse to Catch Poker Champ in Vegas Hotel Room Went Too Far

"A federal judge has ruled that FBI agents went too far when they shut off Internet service to a hotel room, then posed as repairmen so they could get a peek into the room without a search warrant"

Why Houston keeps flooding.Children play in flood waters in the Kelliwood Park neighborhood of Katy, Texas. Flooding in and around Houston has killed at least five people and prompted mass rescues. Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in nine counties. - STR/AFP/Getty Images Officials in Harris County, Texas said that 240 billion gallons of rain have fallen in the greater Houston area the past couple of days. After the devastating Memorial Day floods in Houston last year,....

At Least 5 Dead, More Rain Feared in Houston-Area Flood

PHOTO: Cars remain stranded along a flooded section of Interstate 45 after heavy rains overnight in Houston, May 26, 2015.

Historic Flooding Ongoing as Houston Records One Of Its Rainiest Days Ever

Houston is in the midst of an unbelievable deluge, with already more rainfall in a single day than any hurricane to ever hit the hurricane-prone city. ...