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How to Make Flying Paper Lanterns

I read about the recent celebration of the summer solstice that took place in Poland. People gathered to launch over 17,000 paper lanterns up into the night sky in a staggeringly beautiful display. Seems they do this every year.


if you have any body of water near your wedding, these floating paper lanterns would be amazing! maybe change the color of the lantern to a more neutral color, whatever colors are in your wedding palate! :)


Floating paper lanterns (10 pack)


A Marquee Wedding By The Lake In Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, Bride In Phillipa Lepley Gown and Veil, Photography by Blackbox Photography

A Marquee Wedding By The Lake In Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland Bride In Phillipa Lepley Gown and Veil Photography by Blackbox Photography 0013


24 Cheap And Cheerful Summer Wedding Ideas

<p>Can’t afford fireworks? No problem, let all your guests let go of some Chinese lanterns to create a wonderful spectacle in the sky.<i> [Photo: Pinterest]</i></p>


Floating paper lanterns (10 pack) by GlobosDeLuz on Etsy