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10 Amazing Travel Apps You Didn't Know Existed

1. TripIt TripIt is a free travel organizer – this baby will plan your ENTIRE trip for you from your flight to your car rental. 2. Free Wi-Fi Finder This app will locate free Wi-Fi nearby, so you can access the internet no matter where your adventures take you – and more importantly, Instagram […]

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The Magic Cheap Flights Website You've Never Used, But Should

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Skyscanner compares over 1000 airlines worldwide for free. It finds the cheapest flights fast: saves you time, saves you money.

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Flight of the valkyrie: the Viking figurine that's heading for Britain

The first 3D Valkyrie figurine (AD800), found at Hårby on Funen, Denmark. - Etymologically speaking, ”valkyrie” means ”chooser of the slain”. The job of these supernatural shield maidens in Norse mythology is to select who dies on the battlefield and guide their souls to Odin’s manor, where they will spend the afterlife training for the Twilight of the Gods, the final battle against the forces of chaos. Also see the the tapestries from Oseberg ship burial,

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Skyscanner: best overall flights finder. Can show a graph of whole month and filter for times, changes etc

Bumble bee with full pollen sacs, in flight (

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I Love Google Flights and You Should Too

PLEASE NOTE: This personalized charm is hand-crafted, as such, we will need business days to craft and ship it. The image should have enough extra background to be trimmed down to fit the dimensions of the charm. The picture dimension should be lar

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