diy lined curtains - no. 1 item on list of back room approx same colour and pattern too.

sew a curtain lining using a twin bed flat-sheet - cheap and easy alternative than purchasing yards of fabric - I need 3 twins, 2 fulls, and a pillow case for our livingroom!

Ceiling to Floor curtains for cheap. This is the greatest idea!

Sheet…that’s cheap. ($4 Ready-Made Curtains)

How to make curtains Longer - a flat sheet was used for the extensions.

How to Make Curtains Longer

How to make curtains Longer - a flat sheet was used for the extensions. Super idea for variously sized windows: use the plaid fabric in other ways on curtains that do not need lengthening.

How to make curtains out of twin sheets. Fast, easy and cheap! No sew!

How to Make Curtains Out of Twin Sheets

Want to make some easy, no -sew curtains? Make curtains out of twin sheets! Simple, cheap and fast! No sew! My life just got Soooo much easier!

You really might want to buy 2 cheap flat sheets when you see her living room now

“I have the same boring curtain rod and I am so stealing this idea!” said a reader when she saw the end result:

The Wicker House: $5 Curtains

DIY Curtains made from basic flat sheet found at Wal-Mart. What a steal! Cheaper than fabric; all you have to do is split and cut along already hemmed edge to hang on curtain rod for a flawless simple curtain.

how to make curtains from a flat sheet without sewing!!!

A simple tutorial to make curtains from a flat twin sheet AND you don’t even have to get out your sewing machine!