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Onshore wind sector receives high court setback

splendid cruciform design of Lyveden, New Bield, in Northamptonshire - Thomas Tresham's unfinished Elizabethan house started in 1605, now under National Trust

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Database management software: top four on the market

Database management software: top four on the market | Understanding and using the data at a business's disposal can provide a competitive edge. This article takes a look at the leading database providers and packages. Buying advice from the leading technology site


i'm making a push to be easily found, easy to load, super fast to navigate and ideally flat files with no database overhead. this year i'm going totally flat...

VBA Advanced Filter - Filter any Excel Database 2013 - Advanced Filter any Excel Database with multiple criteria. In this short project we will be demonstrating how you can filter any flat file database with the advanced filter. Particularly we will be looking at doing this with multiple flexible criteria. To automate this process we will be recording the process and developing simple VBA code that we can assign to a button on our worksheet


Database or Flat-File CMS, Which is Better for You?