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Mag-lite - indestructible, cheap, utilitarian timeless design. Everything a flashlight should be.

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Fiskars Torch by Dan Taylor » Yanko Design - created via

Fiskars Torch by Dan Taylor » Yanko Design - created via

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MBI Matchbook For your minimalist survival kit, you’ll probably want some real matches, too, but this matchbook full of tiny, disposable LED flashlights will definitely shed some light on your emergency situation. The MBI lights are about the size of an actual match & burn for up to 8 hours. There’s also a magnet in the base of the match allowing them to stand up hands-free.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s 36mm Grey Calfskin Band Steel Case Quartz Analog Watch MBM1266

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Why has no one thought of this earlier?! One beam to see ahead, one to see where you're about to step.

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ChapStick LED Flashlight

It looks like Chap Stick, but it's actually… a cute little flashlight! Fun gift for a kid.

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