Charleston, Charleston, Lord how you can shuffle, Every step you do leads to something new, man I'm telling you it's a lapazoo

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Its one thing to be backstage or in a dressing room. But, when the beat starts going ~Shawn Turner~

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Flapper dresses and Gatsby (deco) styles are still hot due to our obsession with Downton Abbey. Wear your drop-waist dresses with pride. Drink champagne and kick ass. Read updated article with pics from 2015:

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A true 1920s makeup. The thin brows with the heavy eye and mouth seemed to be the go to look of the decade with the heart shaped lips with the doe eyes

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Chorus Girls on the set of Becky, 1927, Costume design by Clement Andre-Ani More

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Augusta Auctions, backside, Beaded 1920's flapper dress. Black silk w/ crystal beads & long beaded fringe.

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Incredible detail in 1920's flapper (@A Whole Lotta Love Design Life : we just need some E6000 and Swarovski, and we're in business!!)

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