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Flapper Pie

Farmer's Favourite Flapper Pie. Flapper pie is unique to the Canadian prairies, but is a classic that is served throughout farming season (or any time!). Buttery graham cracker crust, vanilla custard topped with meringue. Very messy, but very delicious!


Chocolate Flapper Pie recipe, a delicious chocolate version of the Canadian Prairie classic! From @kitchenmagpie


Never Fail Flapper Pie- This old-fashioned Canadian pie got help from the experts. It now has a foolproof meringue, a crust that stays together and a vanilla filling kissed with brandy. This pie is also bigger than the original recipe which used two or three eggs. I used five eggs. This is a birthday pie! Author: Leafy Greens and Chocolate

This recipe is from my mother-in-law Betty who is actually up in heaven. She made the best flapper pie, and apparently so did her mom. I cheat a bit with it, as I do not make the graham crust from scratch. I simply buy the pre-made graham crust from the store. It is still delicious. I actually even made this last night.


Old fashioned flapper pie, a true Canadian prairie classic! Easy to make yet so incredibly tasty,it's a must try!