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Holy sh*t. Colin O'donoghue on Christina Perri's #thewordsmusicvideo. Just kill me. FINALLY THE CHEST HAIR!

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Flail Chest: Paradoxical Breathing. Monitor vital signs for shock, administer pain meds at reg intervals, encourage client to turn, cough & deep breathe, monitor ABGs

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Flail chest or segment occurs when three or more contiguous ribs are fractured in two or more places. Clinically, a segment of only one or two ribs can act as a flail segment, hence there is some controversy between the clinical and radiological definitions. Clinically, this is observed in a non-ventilated patient as paradoxical movement of the flail segment. It can often be clinically occult.

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Epilepsy Fact | I experience 2 types of seizures. With a grand mal, I lose consciousness and become rigid. With a partial seizure, I my hands and arms become rigid and the muscles in my chest and face twitch.

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