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Catharina Trinke Janssen born August 17 1852 in Jever (?) Germany died Sterling, IL Dec 31 1916 buried in Rock Falls, IL Jan 2 1917 married Hinrich Janssen Gerken She immigrated in April 1884 from Bremen arrived May 7 1884 in Baltimore.

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Despite the fact that this is the world’s fourth largest economy and the force behind Europe’s growth and stability, Germany has further proceeded to be among the best performing top ten stock markets in the world currently ranking at number

For three years, I lived in Germany. It has changed my outlook on other cultures.

The tricolore flag was designed in and the black, red and gold colours were taken from the uniforms of German soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.

flag of germany

flag of germany

German Conversation for Beginners: Lesson One (and Short Introduction)

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@Auntie Shoe created this terrific design showing the Flag of Germany, or German Flag, with the name, or word, "GERMANY" underneath. Word shows in the same colors (colours) as the German tricolor (tricolour) flag.  Wonderful for travelers who want to recall a trip, vacation or holiday to Germany. German-Americans and others of German ancestry will appreciate the image for honoring their ancestry and heritage. $21.99

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Vintage Flag of Germany iPhone Hard Case / Fits iPhone 4 by CRAFIC, $16.99  @Bettina Howell

Vintage Flag of Germany iPhone Hard Case / Fits iPhone 4 by CRAFIC, $16.99 @Bettina Howell