Love this quote it is so true

Hardest thing in the world is fixing a heart you didn't break. It's hard to watch you try.

I felt just like this....Bella Donkey: A broken hearted blog. Suicide, Depression and Casinos.

Too sad and full of regret to do anything. Ever feel like that? Take my heart, it's broken and in a sense betrays you? Do you sometimes feel haunted by regret and despair? We all get sad from time to time, problem is when it becomes dominate.

There's not enough bandaids in the world.

Sayings quotes words wise words "a girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person for you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces"

It takes the strongest Godly man to handle a broken woman.  With God's guidance to help you to restore their hearts desire.  To love them while they are broken and to come along side them to help them put the pieces back together.  I have needed that from you please. There is so much we have fix and work on but no matter where I have gone, I am still always missing the biggest part of my heart.

"It takes a strong man to handle a broken women." Ethan smiled to Levi but Levi shook his head. "You have it the wrong way," He smiled up at him. "It takes a strong women to handle a broken man.

25 Tips for Fixing a Broken Heart #brokenhearts

These tips for fixing a broken heart are from relationship coach and psychologist Jan Hoistad, who has worked with couples and individuals for 30 years.

Broken hearted ones. You deserve better

25 Quotes to Live By After a Breakup

Fixing a Broken Heart

Fixing a Broken Heart

Guy Winch: How to fix a broken heart | TED Talk

Guy Winch: How to fix a broken heart | TED Talk

He means so much to me. He's like family but lives in another state. Some how we grew a part and it brakes my heart. One day just maybe he'll understand that I truly love him. He's my best friend and I know there's nothing more to it. I'll always be here for you!!! Even tho you might not always be here for me. Stay strong I love you!!!

25 Quotes to Live By After a Breakup

I didn't stop loving you. I decided to stop showing it because no matter how hard I tried, you wouldn't get it. It was obvious you had 'unfinished beginnings' and you used me to finally get it. Well you got it. How does it feel?