Wrecking in. poster for the 2012 Boise Bike Poster Party. Limited run of - Wrecking in. poster for the 2012 Boise.

We kill bike thieves! | Shared from

girl + bike

Killing bike thieves seems extreme, but stealing bikes is very uncool.

Yeah, she's cute, but look at the BIKE! If I were a fan of fixies, would build this exact ride. Love the HED front covered in stickers.

Cute chick with a hipster fixie. Love the bike but it's got a style to it that I find all too familiar and reminds me of the late import car tuning scene.

1993 Cannondale Track | Gold Metallic Green • I cannot believe I am posting a pic of a Cannondale track bike, usually hate their bikes, but it looks kinda nice. Or maybe I am just stoned.

I always have a smile on my face when Amy Danger introduces another gorgeous Cannondale Track. This 1993 beauty was custom painted with gold metallic green and it truly pops!