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Five Senses Body Parts

**FREE** Five Senses Body Parts Worksheet. Practice identifying the five senses of smell, see, listen, touch and taste with this printable worksheet.

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SC.1.L.14.1 Make observations of living things and their environment using the five senses.--Students will go on a nature walk to observe the world around them. The teacher can choose to use all five senses or focus in on a specific sense each time, like a listening walk. Students will come back to the class and record what they observed.

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My littles had a total BLAST with these activities in our classroom!! I hope you are able to use them with yours :) Thanks for downloading - please leave feedback if you are happy with my product! I appreciate you! I really hope you enjoy my product!

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Could this science project be any more fun for kids!? I just love all of this teachers activities. Using the five senses, decide which is sugar and which is salt.

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