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Make your intention to look at everything you like and say to yourself, "I can afford this. I can buy that." You will shift your thinking and begin to feel better about money

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Putting a woman on a dollar bill

Well in England we have £ and dollars are only worth 77p. Get a grip America.

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43 Deep Tumblrs

43 Deep Tumblrs - Gallery

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Guardians of the Galaxy. This makes me laugh.

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Dont Make Sense...

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Money Stacks Pounds | Stacks of British currency in blocks of a thousand notes, various ...

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32 Handmade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

Handcrafted diy birthday card ideas for men

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Bucky Barnes Captain America

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the new grey of 2016

alvhem_via nordicspace blog_03

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Most people miss their family, or pets. I'd sell my goddamn soul for a rail.

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