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Fitbit retailers

What Fitbug Holdings is really worth - - #FITB


Fitbit Flex review

After being temporarily replaced by the Force, the Flex is back in pole position in Fitbit lineup, but how does the wrist tracking compare?


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband

Track your steps, distance and calories burned during the day and your sleep cycle at night!


Of course EE's hyping wireless headphones on iPhone 7 day

EE’s Add to Plan scheme lets anyone taking out a two-year smartphone contract walk away with accessories in exchange for a couple of extra quid tacked onto their bill each month. Launched last year,...


I love the new teal colour for the Fitbit Flex. In fact, I want all the colours! *Brand New Flex Colour* - Fitbit® Flex™ in Teal

Fitbit Alta has just been announced by the wearable fitness tech company but this one is different.The Fitbit Alta is a leather, bracelet-like activity tracker with a tap-sensitive, monochrome OLED display. The difference is that this bit of trackside tech is actually aimed at everyday wearers, rather than fitness junkies.The ...


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