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Fishing Rain Gear

I had intended to fish Saturday night.  However, with the weather forecasting rain and both myself and my friend,  not be able to arrive until noon time.  We didn't fancy getting completely soaked ...


Nettle Cordage Tutorial - Nettles can be found just about anywhere. Nettles grow tall in their search for light, and as the stems are relatively thin, they must be immensely strong to support the structure of the plant, and cope with powerful winds, battering rain, and of course animals and people that trample them down. For these reasons nettles are strong, and this is why I favour the humble nettle for all manner of cordage, such as twine and fishing lines //


Tenacious Tape Field Repair Kit in an ultralight carryingcanister. Ideal for fast in-field repairs ontents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more. This superaggressive adhesive s

Canvas Baker Tent - traditional "Campfire tent" style - with both side wings out makes a large protected cooking or camp admin area, out of the sun, wind or rain.


Universal Folding Trolley, now available for order at Awnings Direct. So many uses we can't even list them all. Ideal for: festivals, camping, fishing, caravanning, gardening, theme parks (put the kids in it), garden shows and more.