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I love this, these are my three favorite singers of the sea... In fact I have these three whales tattooed on me for that reason!! but i do love their flukes

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Gyotaku prints are prints or rubbings made by putting pigment onto a fish and making a print directly from the fish. In ancient Japan, the purpose of these prints were to record how large a fish was caught. By Barry Singer

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The Gills Brothers are a quartet of fish singers featured several times on The Muppet Show. The Gills Brothers debuted in episode 312 as musicians in a fish band playing "Octopus' Garden." They sang songs for quartet in episode 402 and episode 424, accompanied the Fish Singer in episode 413, and sang the backups for Lew Zealand's rendition of "Goodnight Sardine" in episode 521.

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Sometimes I hate these edits because people don't understand that oli is not the only member.. There is matt k, matt N, Jordan fish, lee malia and oli!

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FRESH WATER GYOTAKU GALLERY - GYOTAKU Fish Rubbings - Art by Barry Singer

FREE FISH ART LESSON - GYOTAKU Fish Rubbings - Art by Barry Singer