The Ultimate Pedicure- Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa, Singapore

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Today I had my first ever fish pedicure at Aqua Sheko, a trendy new "fish spa" in Kensington, London. I was very excited to try out this unusual pedicure treatment which involves plunging feet into a tank full of Garra Rufa fish which then suck and nibble away dead skin cells. It's been massive in Japan for years......

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Fish pedicure at AquaBliss Fish Spa in Barcelona, Spain. Read about my first fish pedicure - and find out why I'm saying it was my best pedicure EVER!

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get a fish pedicure, this is so weird but i heard my mom talking about it, when she went home to the philippines.

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everyone should try getting a fish pedicure - I tried it in London and it was the coolest/weirdest experience ever. if there was a local place here in CT, I'd probably go religiously.

Next time I'm in Cancun I will definitely need to get a Fish Spa Pedicure from the Beauty Salon at Le Blanc. So Cool!!

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