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Janet Fish, drawing. When drawing glass objects: Focus on what the glass is reflecting—not the glass itself. Focus on your light sources. All transparent objects are comprised of dark & light patterns in varying degrees of value. You don’t always have to draw the exact reflection—sometimes you can just indicate the reflection as a diffused image (just patterns - not pictures). Highlights, midtones, darks---work darks first, then highlights & then fill in mid tones.

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The Hippocampus is a glamourous animal of the ocean. They were the pets of the sea and horse god, Poseidon and would draw his chariot across the sea. They have the upper-half of a horse and the lower-half of a fish or dolphin. They love being out at sea and are fairly strong creatures with lots of stamina. They are devotional to their god and like to spend time with their fellow Hippocampi.

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drawings of koi fish | history of the koi fish reaches back over 20 million years koi fish ... *~<3*Jo*<3~*

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From 1971, by Janet Fish. She uses pastels to create this great drawing of peaches. The highlights make it possible to visualize the clear wrapping over the fruit.

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seashells, but would like to do similar little images of... different fish species or something, with bits of info scrawled in the spaces

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Ian Murphy This piece of work is very detailed as illustrated through the painting. You can see the colour depth in the painting.

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