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Joe Shuster's iconic Action Comics #1 from 1938. This cover has been burned into culture and marked the beginning of the Golden Age of comics. I couldn't picture Superman without seeing this image or Christopher Reeve catching Margo Kidder.

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Christopher Reeve's children continue their famous actor's legacy

Wow he was so good-looking then. Go back and watch the first movie. when he does his interview with Lois! Reeves was great! A real gent, yet sexy! All the ladies envied Lois! LOL

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Why Superman Wears a Cape [Comic]

Why Superman Wears a Cape, however Superman comics preceded Batman comics. Love the lasso of truth


5/20/14 8:52a Superman Throughout The Years. Who is Gerard Christopher? He was ''Superboy'' in Seasons 2-4 in the ''Superboy'' Series 10/1988-1992 Syndicated. John Haymes Newton was ''Superboy'' in the First Season. Tom Welling in ''Smallville'' was neither ''Superman'' nor ''Superboy'' over 10 Seasons, he never Knew who he was. Thanks for the Info Jay Junior